Tuesday, June 18, 2013


Let's face it. Sugar is everywhere. I am one of those who LOVES baked goods... especially cookies! It's hard to cut sugar completely out of your diet, and you shouldn't have to. Unless you are diabetic, even then you can splurge a little :) But, instead of trying to eliminate sugar completely, try implementing these tips to help curb that sweet tooth:

1) Make your baked goods smaller
2) Buy natural peanut butter
3) If you drink juice, make sure it is 100% and not 10%.
4) Serve oatmeal for breakfast and avoid the sugary cereals
5) Snack on fruit

I took these tips from the article, "How to Curb the Family Sweet Tooth". There are a few more and the article talks about them in more depth as well.

Challenge: Make a list of the things you eat in a day. If you find you are consuming too much sugar, try to use one of these tips to reduce your sugar intake just a little.

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  1. Those people who do cut sugar entirely out of their diets annoy me :) I've always been a fan of the moderation in all things diet :) Love these tips :)