Friday, December 3, 2010

"It's the Holiday Season"

Yep, it's here! The time for giving and sharing. Along with this also comes all the sweets! I came home the other day to find some Christmas tree sugar cookies and peanut butter bars. How am I suppose to lose weight when they are constantly calling my name? Well I gave in and had a cookie, but that's not the point. I have been thinking of ways that I can control my weight and not pig out or go without this holiday season.

1. You are not alone
Challenge family members or friends to a competition or write down everything that you ate that day and send it to someone you can trust and who you know will help you to control yourself. When you do eat out or have dinner with the family, plan what and how much you are going to eat and then tell someone so that they can help you keep your goal.

2. Don't eliminate, proportionate
Ok I don't know if thats a word or not, but its all about the proportions that you are eating. If you worked hard that day and feel that its ok to eat ONE cookie, then do it. Don't eliminate things you love completely because it will backfire on you and you will binge one day. I LOVE my cookies, so what I have challenged myself to do is throughout the week, I don't eat sweets and if I succeed, I can have one on Sunday. If you want to stop eating something, then don't buy it. Most likely if you do, when you get a craving you will eat it and then feel guilty. If you want to eat healthy, then buy healthy things instead of candy bars and chips. Again, don't eliminate it completely just control yourself.

3. Be Positive 
I have found that it is easier to do this with a good attitude. Think of that dress you want to fit into or think about how you want to fit into those pants. Sometimes it's not about how much you weigh, it's how you have been toning yourself. Post little note around your house where you know you will see them. I have posted them on mirrors, on the fridge, and even in my car. Keep your goal in mind and be positive and eventually it will come. 

Happy Holidays!

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