Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Vitamin D

We have all heard how important Vitamin D is for our Calcium absorption. I have learned about Vitamins multiple times in my nutrition classes, but today I learned something new.

Vitamin D can also help fight against the common cold, ease low back pain, and help you be positive and happy! Are you getting adequate amounts in your life? Check the RDA for Vitamin D to see.

I take a Calcium supplement that has Vitamin D in it because I don't like milk. So I kill two birds with one pill. You can get Vitamin D a few other ways though. The best way is from the sun. However if you live up north then you probably don't get enough. You can also get it from foods such as: 

1 TBS of Cod Liver Oil
3 oz of cooked Salmon
3 oz canned Tuna
1 cup Fortified Orange Juice
1 cup Fortified Milk
1 large egg (be sure to eat the yoke because that is where Vitamin D is found!)

There are also other Dietary supplements out there that you can take. So maybe if you are feeling a little moody or your health is not up to par, see if you can get a little more Vitamin D.

Challenge: Observe how much Vitamin D you are getting and see how you can improve. Go learn about it for yourself too! There are many good reliable resources out there.

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